About the project

At the dawn of this new decade, humanity faces unprecedented challenges. The ongoing climate crisis and the devastating coronavirus pandemic are reshaping our world and exacerbating inequalities, fuelling the rise of authoritarianism and nationalistic politics.

Gathering knowledge in a time of multiple crisis

In response to these pressing concerns, and echoing the proposals for change contained in different versions of a Green New Deal, Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung in Brussels is committed to fostering and sustaining the development of truly transformative plans.

Coherently imagining a new global structure

The task ahead lies in coming up with a coherent vision to a wide array of issues, ranging from the development of a sustainable, democratic renewable energy system, the reshaping of our food and agriculture system to the design of new modes of transportation and the promotion of new working and leisure conditions.

We must also think about a financing plan for a global Green New Deal and consider the fiscal and economic change processes that may be derived from it as it is clear that the neoliberal economic order will be unable to cope with the social, ecologic and economic emergencies ahead.

Building a Community for change

This website is designed as a space for reflection and dialogue that will nurture our thinking and feed into the larger collective debate. By collecting existing material and publishing new policy papers and opinion pieces on the many issues falling within the scope of socio-ecological transformation, this online collective tool aims to kick-start conversations and enable further, more in-depth work on the development of a comprehensive programme.

Our goal: A truly social and demoratic action plan for the people and the planet. Feel free to read, watch, and share!

To that same end, the site will feature a series of online lectures bringing experts and activists together to present and discuss key aspects of a transformative vision. These focus on specific topics take the form of interactive panel discussions and small-scale conferences that build knowledge and unveil the connections between spaces and actors.

Finally, this website is intended as a platform for an international network to meet, interact and engage in collective thinking, and for anyone who wishes to get involved in building the collective popular power needed to implement an internationalist Red Green New Deal.

About us

The Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung is an internationally operating non-profit organisation for civic education affiliated with Germany’s Left Party. The foundation has been committed to the analysis of social and political processes and developments worldwide. We work in favour of a more just world system based on international solidarity. The Brussels Office operates as a think tank reflecting on European and international issues of today’s society.

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