About the Book

Promises of a ‘Green New Deal’ have captured the imagination of climate activists, scholars and policymakers across Europe and North America. Unless grounded in principles of global justice, the promise of green jobs and infrastructure in the Global North could simply mean a continuation of colonial patterns of inequality and exploitation around the world. What would it mean for the Green New Deal to be globally fair? Published by the London Office of the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung and The LeapPerspectives on a Global Green New Deal tackles this question head on.

Harpreet Kaur Paul and Dalia Gebrial bring together climate justice insights experts from around the world, to explore the key themes that will define the future of any equitable and just global green new deal.

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The author

The RLS London Office coordinates projects and supports non-profit organizations across all regions of the United Kingdom as well as Ireland. The work focuses on four key aims: developing alternative democratic models of society and new forms of democratic participation, finding solutions to social, economic, and gender-based injustices following a decade of austerity, building a politics which recognises that fighting ecological breakdown can only be undertaken by transforming society and tackling social and global injustice, and a critical reading and analysis of European historical events and their relevance today.